Josh Holt – Entertainment Bureau



Channel 10 has recruited former Weather Channel presenter and ASTRA Award winner Josh Holt as its new Queensland weather presenter.

Holt jumped at the chance to report on the Sunshine State’s unique weather patterns.

“I personally think Queensland is the best state to cover weather events,” he said.

“We get tropical cyclones, lots of severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and prolonged dry periods. All types of weather features are affecting the whole state.”

Holt’s parents were born and bred in Brisbane, and he looks forward to living closer to his two grandmothers who live in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

“In 1974 my parents were married that year in Brisbane and their wedding cake floated down the Brisbane River,” he said.

“After my mum graduated from the University of Queensland in 1969, she was Miss Queensland in 1970. At the time that was quite a big deal; she was quite well known in those days. My parents are both very proud Queenslanders.”

Holt is already very familiar with the state, having covered the Brisbane and Queensland floods and Tropical Cyclone Yasi during his five years at the Weather Channel.

“I was in Townsville when Yasi hit,” he said.

“I’ll never forget being evacuated from my hotel room into the lobby. Listening to it was like a 747 or a jet fighter hovering above you for hours.”

Holt’s off-the-cuff style of presenting should breathe new life into Ten’s nightly news.

“I don’t use Autocue; I’m totally adlib,” he said.

“Hopefully I can bring an easy understanding to the viewers when they watch.

“I will be splitting my time between the studio and out in the field covering big weather events. I’ll be broadcasting from some interesting places.”