Thando Sikwilla is one of Australia’s favourite contestants from the Voice season 3.
Based in Melbourne Vic.

With a commanding presence, captivating smile and a colourful personal style, Thando Sikwila is lighting up the Melbourne music scene. Hoping to bring neo-soul and R’n’B to prominence in Australia, she is certainly making her mark as a burgeoning songwriter and lead singer of a self-titled 5-piece R’n’B band, ‘Thando’ and reggae band, ‘Echo Drama’.

Thando thanks her loving parents for giving her two great gifts in life; the first when they emigrated from Zimbabwe to Australia when she was seven… and the second; a karaoke machine when she was 12. Now Thando will be sharing her great gift with Australia on The Voice 2014.

“No matter how far I get on the show, I feel so incredibly blessed to be where I am now, Thando says. “It felt like forever for me before Kylie turned and when I saw her dancing and singing along with me it was just the greatest feeling. I remember thinking, ‘well, she can’t change her mind now. I’m in!’ Then Joel turned at the very last second and I was given this choice of two fantastic coaches

While she hopes The Voice will provide the type of exposure that will allow her an audience for her own songs, which she has been writing since school, and not just obvious covers that suit her voice.

But even if that doesn’t happen, Thando will continue doing what she loves.

“No matter how far I get on the show, I feel so incredibly blessed to be where I am now,” she says. “Sometimes (success) is even more satisfying after you’ve been knocked back. If everything is handed to you on a plate in life it doesn’t teach you anything. I believe in hard work.”